Back to School Nutrition Tips

It’s been a while since I’ve written, and I apologize for slacking on my blog posts. You see, I’ve been a little busy providing nutrition counseling to all my Real for You Nutrition “stars” at the office. I must say they are rocking their healthy selves these days!

As you head back to school, schedules get busy, and traffic gets hectic, which leads to less time to plan meals ahead of time for the week. To keep yourself and the rest of the family on the right track, consider these three tips.

  1. Try to limit eating out (includes any meals purchased outside of the home) to 2x per week.

    Eating out increases exposure to those daunting highly palatable foods (aka high fat, high salt, high sugar). These foods desensitize and hook those taste buds into never accepting whole food options. Besides, it escalates your sodium intake because everything is processed, salted, and re-salted. Make meals ahead of time and double the recipe for leftovers the next night. Always include a crockpot meal during the week, and DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF SANDWICH NIGHT. Lean deli turkey on 100% whole wheat bread, a cup of fruit or canned/drained green beans, and a glass of 1% milk, is simple and includes all of your food groups.

  2. Try to eat dinner as a family most nights of the week.

    Research shows that families with kids who eat together are more confident, have better vocabularies, and higher test scores. May I suggest no television, phones, or electronics to promote healthy conversation and family bonding. At our table, we like to discuss our “smilies” and “frownies” for the day, which leads to some of my most treasurable parenting moments.

  3. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and close friends, step up to the plate and be good role models!

    So the wise old saying “you are who you run with,” was instilled in me as a kid. I can remember replying, “but I like a diverse group of friends who have been through all walks of life.” LOL! In this case, I agree because we all learn so much by merely observing each other. As a parent, choosing healthier foods and beverages, while limiting the use of electronic devices can help reinforce the habits you are trying to encourage in your children.

I want to thank you for joining me today, and wish everyone a fabulous school year, sports season, and all the things that the next season brings. Don’t forget to check out my recipes via my blog to help you with meal planning ideas.

Farrah Wigand