Whether you are a GAMECOCK, TIGER, BULLDOG, WILDCAT, FIGHTING IRISH, STEELER, EAGLE, PATRIOT OR COWBOY fan, we all have one thing in common . . . tailgating, social gathering, and food.  You’ve worked hard all week, so why blow out the week with eating excess calories when it’s not necessary. 

  1. Plan Ahead

Hit the grocery store with a healthy recipe in mind.  If you are joining a group and you want to win the food prize, don't publicize your recipe as “healthy."  Just do your thing and bring your delicious dish!  Try out www.realforyounutrition.com/resources for healthy recipe sites.  

2. Get a Plate

 It is easier to track portions when you use a plate.  Practice the "one and done" method!  It's easy to add 300-600 calories when you are eat out of the package or just stand around grabbing handfuls of food.

3. Take Initiative

Trust me, don't rely on others to bring healthy food.  Consider bring a veggie or fruit tray with a low-fat dip, such as Marzetti's Light or Greek yogurt dips, Sabra hummus or Opadipity by Lighthouse Greek yogurt dip.  This way you won't be stuck with high calorie side dishes, creamy salads and chips.

4. Choose Lean Protein

  • >/ 90% lean ground beef burgers marinade with spices, herbs, Mrs. Dash seasoning or Mrs. Dash onion soup mix

  • lean ground turkey burgers (marinade with above options)

  • grilled chicken breast marinade with lemon juice and black pepper

  • Uncured turkey dogs ....... "Go ahead and get the dogs out!"

5. Don't Show Up Hangry                                                                                                                                             

It's easy to choose wise when you aren't starving.  To better regulate hunger,  avoid greater than 4-5 hours without a meal/snack during awakened hours.  Therefore, try to eat a snack before you head out the door, i.e. an apple with peanut butter, cottage cheese with fruit, or hummus with veggies.  Another general tip is to keep those protein-containing snacks less than 200 calories.  

And that's a wrap!  GO CATS! 

Farrah Wigand