Is Daylight Savings Getting the Best of You?

Tis the time for the holiday season, yet the gruesome struggle with dark days creates a challenge to stay motivated. These tips will help you get your butt in gear and adhere to your wellness GOALS!

1. Go to bed at a normal time. I'm naturally sleepier in the fall and winter, probably because of it gets dark so much earlier. When you that you are going to awaken for an earlier workout, be sure to go to bee early enough to allow 7-8 hours of sleep.   
2. Sleep in your clothes.  I have a friend who actually does this!  It's a great morning exercise habit in the fall and winter when it's chilly!  When you awaken in the morning already dressed, it is a reminder that you have already taken that extra step to make it happen!
 3. Have a plan. Know exactly what you plan to do for your workout when you go to bed the night before. Whether it's a run, walk, DVD or class, have a plan in place. That way, you're not lying there in the morning trying to figure it out. Lay out your gear, equipment, gym bag, and whatever else that you need to make it happen. 
 4. Play your get-up-and-go music. We all know how music affects our mind and body in a positive way. It can change your mood, give you energy, and motivate you to reach higher. Play those tunes in the morning that remind you of your goals and why you're doing this in the first place. And make music the soundtrack to your morning workouts so that you can be fierce and push yourself to the very end.
5. Last and my personal favorite....Don't make it a choice.  The difference between those who get up and get it done and those who keep sleeping and feel guilty later is that morning exercisers Just. Do. It. It's not optional. They make the decision the night before. And when it's time to wake up and go, that's that. No fights. No compromising. No negotiation. It's just something that they do. And you have just as much power to make that happen, too.